cucumber diet

7-day cucumber diet to eliminate body fat

With the support of cucumbers, you can lose weight safely and also remove toxins from the body. With this diet, an individual, by established rule, feels good, but it is a requirement to lose weight even in the head, that is, to understand that if he is going to work.

For one day you can lose up to a kilo of weight, and if you meet this particular diet, it will be simpler, because the cucumbers have sapopinas, tartronic acid and other substances that can be used to lose weight.

Contributes to joints, kidneys and intestines, normalizes metabolism, the stability of water and salt is restored. In addition, the cucumber has fiber inside, which causes the digestive tract to walk. It is a type of detoxification program at home.

Cucumbers are useful for the skin, teeth and gums, as in the use of indoor and outdoor, so do not forget to clean the face and neck with a piece of cucumber, moisturizes, nourishes and whitens the skin.

Cucumbers do not have to be used to lose weight in case of ulcerative pathologies of enterocolitis, colitis, chronic nephritis, renal failure (in the exacerbation stage).

Cucumber water

This water must be prepared periodically and taken for 7 days.


A cucumber.
A liter and a half of water.
Half lemon.
A spoonful of Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds.


Peel the cucumber and liquefy it alone.
Put the water in a jar.
Add the already liquefied cucumber, the seeds and the juice of the half lemon.

Mode of use:

Take a glass of this drink on an empty stomach. The rest of the water take it during the rest of the day, the highlight is before meals.


As a protein you can eat boiled egg in water (hard egg). You can eat up to 4. If you do not enjoy the egg, then replace them with light cheese, like the cottage.

You can eat up to a kilo of tomatoes (tomatoes) a day, alone, in juice in a salad with vegetables or salad with cucumber. The lycopene contained in them, satisfies hunger.

You can add kefir or some light yogurt, in case you can not live without dairy. If you want to eat bread, make it rye, whole grain, and only 2 slices a day. No soft drinks, liquor, bottled drinks, sausages, etc. The highlight to garnish the salads is lemon and vinegar. Do not use oils.

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