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Antonio Banderas: Mediterranean diet and white tea

Nobody can doubt the fame of Antonio Banderas. This makes him a celebrity who has many followers who are interested in knowing everything about his “idol”. Therefore, in this case I will tell you what is the diet that follows and how to stay in shape.

Although Antonio Banderas is internationally known and part of his life is in Hollywood, his Spanish origin influences his life, including his diet and how to stay in shape. How?

Antonio Banderas is one of the followers of the Mediterranean diet and white tea to lose weight and keep fit.

How is the diet of Antonio Banderas?

The diet that Antonio Banderas follows is the Mediterranean diet. This diet is based on the consumption of: mainly fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta, wholemeal bread and olive oil.

According to his comments, he avoids the consumption of veal meat and when choosing he prefers chicken or turkey.

In addition, their diet is based on the nutritional pyramid, consuming more whole grains and avoiding the consumption of foods rich in saturated fats and simple sugars.

This diet adds another secret, the daily consumption of white tea. The antioxidant and slimming properties of this infusion are known. White tea contains polyphenols and other substances that act on the cells and adipose tissue, helping to increase the fat metabolism, avoiding the oxidation of fats and the action of free radicals.

There is even information that states that the compounds in this tea have properties that reduce blood glucose, as well as being useful for the treatment of those suffering from metabolic syndrome (syndrome associated with obesity or overweight).

Despite his healthy diet, the care of his figure is not in it since he performs physical activity to supplement the diet.

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