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Can you consume aloe in hypothyroidism?

Can you consume aloe in hypothyroidism?

Benefits of aloe vera to lose weight

Thank you very much for the attention you give to my question. I want to know if the aloe serves me for HYPOTHYROIDISM, because 8 days ago I am taking the glass (a large glass) on an empty stomach, and I have felt very well, outside that I have lost weight ) and my skin has been fixed a lot and the joints of the hands and feet have been improved much the same way the COLON, the experience has been great.

There are no data that establish any type of contraindications or adverse effects of aloe in hypothyroidism, this does not mean that you should not consult your doctor about the consumption of aloe vera, as each person reacts differently to the consumption of natural products or foods.

Aloe vera has medicinal properties that help reconstitute the connective tissue and collagen of the skin, so you can see an improvement in your skin, hands and feet. In addition the aloe acts as a natural detoxifier, that is why you have swollen and you have lowered your belly.

I hope I have been useful.

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