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Does eating fruit make you fat?

What do you think? Does eating fruit make you fat? Why is it bad to have fruit? What fruits get fatter at night? You may have asked yourself these questions more than once and you still do not know if it is good to eat fruit to lose weight. Accompany me! I’ll tell you what’s true.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to unveil these unknowns and shed some light on these myths. Is it true that eating fruit makes you fat? Is it true that there are fruits that get fatter at night? Although these questions are very popular, they may not be so true. Therefore, I invite you to discover how much truth there is in these myths.

Does eating fruit at night get fat?

Do you wonder if the fruit gets fat if you eat it at dinner? Actually eating fruit does not make you fatter than eating it at any other time of the day. That is, when eating fruit at dinner, you do not eat more calories than consuming it during the morning or afternoon.

Fruits are foods that contain few calories. They also provide fiber, a component that purifies the body, prevents the absorption of certain nutrients and provides satiety and, on the other hand, antioxidants, which improve cellular activity and the use of fat as fuel.

Even eating a fruit before dinner will give you satiety, your appetite will be reduced, you will consume less food and therefore fewer calories. If you consume it later, you are likely to add more calories than if you consume it before. But this does not depend on the fruit in question, but on the food that was previously ingested.

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