dukan diet for vegetarians

Dukan diet for vegetarians

Vegan diet and Dukan method

The Dukan diet, especially in the attack phase, is a high protein diet. Therefore, it seems not to be an appropriate diet for vegetarians. But it is not the opposite, if you are vegan and you want to lose weight, Dukan found a way to adapt to your tastes and needs.

While there are different types of vegetarian (pure vegetarians, vegetarians who eat fish and eggs, or people who are lacto-ovo-vegetarians), the Dukan method was adapted to this type of diet, achieving a special vegan diet.

The most difficult phase to adapt is the attack phase, since at this stage it is necessary to consume only foods rich in proteins. For this, especially if you are pure vegan, you can replace animal proteins with plant proteins.

Appropriate foods for the Dukan diet for vegetarians

Natural tofu, silky tofu.
Tempeh: 1 serving equals 100 gr.
Textured soy proteins: 30 gr. raw equals 100 grams cooked or 1 serving.
Seitan: 100 gr. It is a portion.
Quinoa: 30 gr. raw is equivalent to 100 gr. cooked or 1 serving.
Amaranth: 30 gr. raw is equivalent to 100 gr. cooked or 1 serving.
Natural soy steak.
Cooked dried vegetables (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.) 30 gr. raw, to this add 50 gr. of cooked feculents or 15 gr. raw (pasta, semolina, rice, etc.) This is equivalent to a portion.
Soy milk
Soy yogurt.

If you are a vegetarian and want to practice the Dukan method, there is no impediment for you to do so, just follow the indications of that diet and replace some foods. I hope it has been to your liking!

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