Green tea and cinnamon drink

Green tea and cinnamon drink to lose weight

Green tea with lemon and cinnamon: A recipe burns fat and very tasty

Green tea, without a doubt, is one of the most required drinks when it comes to losing weight. And this does not attract attention. For that reason, if you already use it and want to try it another way or if you want to enter it by a shortcut with spicy notes, you should not leave out this recipe for green tea and cinnamon.

What is it cinnamon tea with lemon

Green tea and cinnamon drinkGreen tea is one of the best natural tools that one has at hand when you want to lose weight. It has, without a doubt, a huge potential in that sense: it is good for accelerating metabolism, it is diuretic, antioxidant, fat burning and many other things. For this same reason, not taking it into account would be, little more, a little less, a sin.

If you already know it and you are bored of taking it always in the same way or you just want to try another way to consume it, you should not stop trying this green tea with lemon and cinnamon to lose weight. In addition to the properties of the Camellia Sinensis derivative, you will also add the digestive properties (and more) of the rest of the ingredients. Here is the recipe :

Green tea with cinnamon and lemon: how it is prepared


A liter of water
Two tablespoons of green tea (of the best possible quality)
Half a tablespoon of anise seeds
Three or four cloves
A piece of cinnamon stick
A lemon
A branch of mint or spearmint
Sweetener allowed to taste


Boil the water with the anise seeds, cloves, cinnamon (serves to lose weight as few spices) and mint and lemon peel (without its white part).
Let it boil for five minutes, turn off the heat, let it rest for ten more minutes and add the green tea, in addition to the lemon juice.
Continue rest for three or four more minutes and strain the preparation.
Now, you only have to sweeten with your product header (no calories) this wonderful drink of green tea, cinnamon and lemon. Take it to cool and it will be ready.

This green tea with lemon and cinnamon is not only excellent in its fat burning properties, since it is also digestive and has a very captivating taste, perfect for rotating the usual consumption of green tea alone. Surely you have also heard about the properties of cinnamon to lose weight.

Not to mention the benefits of the rest of the ingredients, which will go wonders to accompany this preparation, with its diuretic and depurative effects. Anise and cloves have great abilities to help with metabolism. So, in short, green tea with cinnamon to lose weight can give very good results.

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