how i lost 15 kg in 4 months

How I lost 15 kg of weight in 4 months

What I did to reduce 15 kg in 4 months, was to convince myself that I had to change the way of feeding myself, to improve my health and reach a weight close to the ideal. It is important to note that I was also convinced that I had to reduce the stress levels I had, since that factor, combined with being overweight, would cause me sooner or later some type of illness that I could not easily recover from, so I I started to investigate different food systems, and researching find out the following: Stress is the main cause of diseases like Cancer. Poor nutrition and overweight are the main cause of Cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, ACVs, etc. To eliminate the stress I learned to meditate, every day I wake up at 4.30 am to meditate (you do not have to do this to lose weight). That has changed me deeply as a person, I no longer argue, I do not judge, I accept things as they are and not as I would like them to be.

how i lost 15 kg in 4 monthsTo know what a good diet is, we must first be clear about what the human being eats. With proteins the body manufactures muscles, we can obtain proteins from the meats of animals, fish and birds, also from grains, such as beans, chickpeas, etc. Carbohydrates are the supply of fuel for the body to function. There are low quality carbohydrates, such as sugar and refined flours, which only contribute to the body is calories, without any nutritional value. There are high-quality or complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain flours and vegetables. It is also necessary to take into consideration that the digestive process in the human body is accomplished in three stages, each of approximately 8 hours. Ingestion of food, digestion or assimilation of the same and the detoxification stage. The ideal is that the food intake is in balance with these three stages, so that the organism invests the least amount of energy in digestion and uses it in other things such as work, fun, study, etc.

The stage of food intake is from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. assimilation, from 10.00 to 5.00 am and detoxification, from 6.00 am to 1.00 pm. On the other hand, foods must be mixed in a way that facilitates the digestive process. The digestion of proteins requires a process different from that of starches. Proteins require an acidic environment to be digested, while starches are alkaline. the organism can provide both environments, but separately. Therefore, when you mix proteins and starches in a meal, the result is a bad digestion in the stomach, so the meat, if that is the case, passes undigested to the intestine where it rots. Then we complained about colon cancer, diverticulosis and other ills.

The ideal combinations for the process of ingestion, Lunch, are: Mix of proteins (meats, fish, poultry, etc.) with vegetables, which are carbohydrates of very easy digestion, so that the meat is fully processed in the stomach and when It passes to the intestine, provides all the nutrients and is ready for the process of detoxification or elimination. The same goes for vegetables. For lunch you can also mix vegetables with grains. For example, when we have in front of us an ethnic and tasty Venezuelan dish like a “pavilion with rails” (beans, rice, fried plantain and shredded meat) we know beforehand that we are going to have a terrible digestion and the organism will invest all the energy that has digesting it, that’s why we feel heavy and without energy after eating a dish like that.

The ideal in this case is to make a decision between two alternatives. Eat meat with vegetables, or grains (beans) with rice. In either case, digestion will be easy, leaving energy for the rest of the activities that you do. Unfortunately, in most countries cultural conditioning is against good digestion. What is more tasty than an “entrècot”? (Meat steak with french fries). Well, opt for the steak with vegetables, or the chips with tomato sauce (Napoli type, not ketchup). For dinner, eat a sandwich of whole wheat bread with many vegetables (avocado, tomato, alfalfa, etc.) and one or two thin slices of fresh cheese, which although it is protein, is a relatively small amount (30gr).

We must start the day with a breakfast that harmonizes with the process that is taking place the body, which is trying to detoxify (eliminating) the remains of the previous day’s intake, so that the food to eat at breakfast and rest of the morning, they must be very easy digestion, since the organism is doing something else extremely complicated (detoxifying) and can not invest those energies in another very complicated process like digestion. We want to have energy for our daily activities, so breakfast and snack should be made of fruits, which is what is most easily digested.

The organism has an amazing way of self-regulating, I was weighing 95 kg and following this regimen I began to lower, slowly but surely, almost immediately I began to feel lighter and began to make normal digestions, eliminating heartburn. The most surprising thing is that I’m still doing the same regime and there came a moment that when I reached 80 kg, spontaneously I stopped lowering, I stabilized in that weight and I did not reduce one gram more. It’s as if my body had detected what my ideal weight was and that’s where it came from. Another surprising thing is that I lowered without exercising, I did not even walk. I do not know how your blood sugar levels are. The fruit breakfast, given its rapid digestion, tends to make spikes of sugar in blood. If your blood sugar is high, you should consult a doctor before making this regimen.

In summary, Breakfast: Varied fruits. Mid-morning, an apple or any other fruit. Avoid dairy in the morning, you can drink guayoyo coffee or American black or green tea. At mid-morning you can also have an infusion. Lunch: Meat, fish, or poultry with a large salad or cooked vegetables. Or a plate of rice with grains (black beans, red beans, chick peas, peas or lentils). Snack: A cup of chamomile or an American black coffee with a packet of wholemeal biscuits, sweeten with esplenda. Dinner: A sandwich as described above, accompanied by a cup of chamomile. If you are going to dine out, change lunch for dinner. Eat the sandwich at lunch and the combined plate at dinner.

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