lose weight with kiwi

Lose weight with kiwi

The kiwi has a low caloric value (67 calories / 100 grs), this is not only beneficial for the body because it provides little energy, but because it becomes a negative calorie food. That is to say that consuming it and digesting it spends more calories than it does.

On the other hand, the fiber it contains (1.5 grs / 100 grs) provides laxative, depurative and detoxifying properties that sweep the body of impurities. This same fiber provides satiety, which limits the consumption of food.

In addition, the kiwi has a high percentage of vitamin C, natural antioxidant that improves cellular metabolism, increasing metabolic expenditure and therefore, the burning of calories. Finally, or its potassium content, reduces swelling due to fluid retention and eliminates waste through urine.

For all these reasons it is possible to lose weight with kiwi, either its whole fruit (without skin), in desserts or in juices.

The important thing is to incorporate it into the daily diet and take advantage of all its properties.

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