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Ways to consume aloe vera to lose weight

Ways to take aloe vera to lose weight


Hi, my name is Erick and I am 21 years old. I have a diabetic family history and dyslipidemias (cholesterol and triglycerides). I currently weigh 74 kilos and I measure 1.65 cm. My body mass index is 27.2, so I’m overweight. I have been recommended aloe vera and since yesterday I began to drink. The only thing I do is the following:
1. To a piece of aloe of about 3.5 cm I remove the peel and leave it alone in pulp.
2. I put 30 ml of water in the blender jar and I add the aloe vera pulp and then the mula.
3. When the aloe is ground in the blender because I take it.
Could you tell me what are the other ways to ingest the aloe apart from the one I am mentioning? Thank you.

Hello Erick. That which you expose is just one of the different ways that exist to consume internally aloe vera , a plant that has multiple uses and that can be used to lose weight.

Another way you can resort is to liquefy aloe vera and lemon, which may be more appropriate to the palate, since it is sweetened with a little honey. Nor should you miss this aloe vera shake, where you should mix aloe vera pulp with oranges and cucumber.

To my modest understanding, these forms can be more “entertaining” to be consumed habitually than following the recipe that you follow (which is not bad either). I hope I have answered your question. Greetings.

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